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Frat house dilemma. - iC3Man69 - 09-09-2018

Short backstory: I’ve been looking for a place in the heart of downtown for a while now. Rent out here is about $1200 USD for a one-bedroom (to yourself). 

Yesterday I went to a friends party at a frat house, and they were explaining how they have a room available for $350 USD/month. Comes with wifi, laundry, electric. The drawbacks are shared washrooms & kitchens. The house itself is quite old & there is always red cups thrown around. 

Has anybody here lived in a frat house before? And how did you enjoy it?

I feel like the weekly parties might get a little out of hand, but I’d love to make new lifelong friends at the same time. 

Also if I do move in I wouldn’t be a member of their fraternity but I still know many people so it’s chill